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We are a fellowship of Catholic Women in Southern Africa and throughout the world, united in our common faith and under the motto :




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Cape Town Takes Over as National Team

The Catholic Women’s League in Southern Africa is made up of the National Council, which comprises all the Diocesan Presidents and the Management Committee, as well as all the Past National Presidents.
The Diocesan and Regional Presidents are responsible for the running of the branches in each diocese and region and report to the National Management Committee.

Catholic Women's League Turns 90

At the dinner of the National hand-over on Saturday evening, 28th August, we celebrated 90 years of the League in South Africa, which was started in Cape Town in 1931. The first National Management Committee was formed in 1952 with the National President being from Cape Town and the rest of the committee from other areas.
Anne Deary, our new National President, cut the 90th birthday cake.

New Theme Announced for CWL National

As members of the Catholic Women’s League:
We rejoice in our unity, through the Holy Spirit and focus on serving Our Lord to the best of our ability. We strive to pray daily for peace and love among all people, especially, at this time, in our beloved South Africa.
When outsiders look at us and see the work that we are doing within the League, I’m sure they detect people going about their activities united with purpose through love and enthusiasm. 

We call upon all Catholic women to join us and become a drop in the large ocean, which is the Catholic Women’s League. We have an important role to play in the Church and the CWL is one organisation where all women, both young and old, have a place. 

Join us today!

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