Our Projects

Cape Town Diocese and its’ branches are involved in a number of projects.  These are well supported by the branches and their members, without whom we would not be able to do what we do.  

Our main Diocesan projects are :

Nazareth House, Elsies River

Nazareth House, Elsies River is a  home for the elderly and is well looked after by the Bothasig branch. Regular visits, goodie packs and toiletries are provided to residents. Due to Covid restrictions,  there has been very little contact with the residents of late. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

Nazareth House, Cape Town

Washing Powder donations are made by our branches on a monthly basis. Each branch donates on a rotational basis towards the purchase of washing powder.

Phoenix Burns Unit

The Phoenix Burns Units is situated at the Red Cross Memorial Hospital. We donate trauma packs for the moms who stay with the children on admission.  These consist of toiletries e.g. toothpaste, face cloth, soap, deodorant, tissues, toothbrush etc all packed in bags made by our ladies.  

The Clothing Guild

The Clothing Guild is an interdenominational organisation which provides brand new clothing to various groups who are in need. Clothing, socks, scarves, gloves and knitted items are collected from our branches throughout the year and these are delivered to the appointed venue in May, sorted and then collected by the receiving organisations.  

Sonskyn Day Care Centre

Sonskyn Day Care Centre for the Elderly in Bishop Lavis is one of our projects. Elderly residents of the area have a place where they can socialise, chat and have tea and lunch together instead of being alone at home. Due to Covid restrictions, this has not been able to happen but take away meals have still been available for sale and deliveries are made to those who cannot come to fetch their meals. 

Mater Domini Home

Mater Domini Home was born out of the need that existed within Archdiocese of Cape Town to create an alternative to abortion for women who might have felt forced into making such a decision out of desperation. It is a treatment centre for pregnant women who are in crisis which may be linked to any trauma such as abandonment, abuse, violence, illness, mental health, destitution, etc.  They offer hope and opportunity to mothers who are encouraged to have and care for their babies and provide assistance in instances where mothers decide on adoption.

Donation of Food Parcels

A large part of our work has been in the distribution of food parcels to the needy. The need for this assistance continues to grow due to unemployment of wage earners, continuous retrenchments and many other financial constraints which families are experiencing. Branches from the various parishes have been constantly donating food parcels and we as Diocesan have also been helping Archbishop Brislin in his parochial drive to raise funds to feed the hungry.

Holy Cross

We assist with various needs such as clothing and stationery for the children, kitchen requirements and toiletries.

Supporters Club and Priests Ecclesiastical Fund

The supporters’ club is a draw that we hold at our monthly Diocesan Meetings to raise funds which we donate to the Ecclesiastical Education Fund. Apart from this, each branch donates to our annual collection for the Priests’ Fund.

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